A Community Committed to Learning through the Art and Love of Yoga 

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Yoga, much like life, is a personal practice that teaches loving kindness, compassion and patience through self created challenges and victories.
 It is these values and teachings that help create the people we are and the world we want to live in. 
~Margot Broom, creator of Breathing Room

Breathing Room is a place not only for you to come and practice yoga with like-minded people, but a place for you to feel you are growing, 
learning and contributing to and with a community. 
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A sneak peek at whats happening

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​Yoga for Cyclists and Runners
Saturday 05/16 2-4pm

What is a great complement to any biking or running routine?
Come join Lorena as she leads this workshop where you will explore the ways in which yoga can complement your running or biking routine by increasing flexibility, strength and endurance.

 Yoga will help you ease tightness, reduce injuries and ensure that you enjoy these great summer activities to the fullest!