Our Class Offerings: 

Lotus Flow Vinyasa
Merging radically fluid asana and rockin’ tunes into a dynamic, devotional dance, Lotus Flow Yoga delivers a physical and spiritual high. Through creative vinyasa sequencing, conscious alignment, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation, we spiritualize our physical form and honor yoga's powerful and transformative lineage. Lotus Flow sequencing is honored in every class as we move through the chakra system, an organic unfolding where each step prepares us for the next.

This is our Beginners Class, a Level 1 class that builds the foundation for your yoga practice with an emphasis on breathing and healthy alignment in the poses.

Candle-Lit Yoga
These evening candle-lit classes are time to unwind the mind and check in with body and breath. We move and flow through vinyasa practice at a more gentle pace, with opportunities to delve deep into poses, releasing tension and relaxing heart, head, hips, and hamstrings. You will float home after class! (Open to all levels.)

Form & Flow
This class is an education in the proper alignment and anatomy of yoga posture. When proper alignment is created in yoga asana, freedom to explore the breath and the body ignite. Students will be guided through challenging sequences creating a fluidity in the practice while exploring form and breath. All levels of students are welcome and modifications will be given to ensure that everyone is able to participate.

Power Lotus Flow
Power Flow is a high energy Lotus Flow Vinyasa practice. In class we move through a vigorous, creative, and high endurance practice concentrating on strength and devotion within the body. If you like to rock out with fun music, challenge yourself with advanced postures and sweat, you will enjoy Breathing Room’s Power Lotus Flow Yoga! Power Yoga is recommended for yogis with experience. We recommend Into to Power for newer students to Lotus Flow

Mixed Level Vinyasa
In this class we follow the foundation of vinyasa practice, with emphasis on safe alignment and breath to help us flow from posture to posture. Mixed level classes are accessible for students new to yoga or those coming back from injuries, as well as students with steady yoga practices who want to work towards their edge of their balance, endurance, strength, and flexibility. (Open to all levels.)

Urban Zen Restorative
Urban Zen blends restorative yoga poses, breath awareness, essential oil therapy and Reiki. You’ll leave each class feeling calm, relaxed, and revitalized. In a world of over-stimulation and over-work, these practices can offer a meditative sanctuary. This class is open to anyone who needs a little TLC and no yoga experience is necessary.

Restorative is a complementary yoga practice to the other more dynamic and invigorating yoga styles offered. In Yin Yoga class, floor postures are held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe and positive 'stress' on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body.

Physically, Restorative restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints, primarily between the navel and the knees. Energetically, Yin Yoga opens the body's meridian system, which enhances the body's energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium. Because this practice emphasizes stillness and silence, Yin Yoga prepares both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation.
Yin is a wonderful class for all level yogis.

Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is the practice of uniting solar and lunar energies within the body. Hatha means “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha). This class will focus on alignment through traditional asana and pranayama as a means to yoke the mind and body together. Open to all levels.  

Dynamic Hatha Flow
Explore progressive Vinyasa flow sequences that integrate breath-work, movement, inner awareness and core-strength. Discover the deep core line, your greatest and most efficient source of power. As you become stronger and discover better alignment, you will be able to move deeper into more challenging poses and develop a sense of ease in your practice. Stoking your inner fire will unclog stagnant energy, release toxins and spark a total body/mind transformation. You will leave feeling amazing! Room will be heated 80-85 to support your practice.

Prenatal Yoga
 Practicing prenatal yoga is associated with a range of physical and mental health benefits for expectant mothers, including boosting strength, flexibility, and balance, easing pregnancy-related discomforts, enhancing relaxation and sleep, and fostering a deeper connection between Mom and Baby. Join other mothers-to-be in a mindful practice of gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation practices that will help you prepare for labor, childbirth, and motherhood. No previous experience with yoga or meditation necessary. Women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome.

Meditative Flow
A modified version of the the Primary Series of Ashtanga developed by Pattahbi Jois. The focus is on the cultivation of mindfulness, Ujayi breath, endurance, strength, and flexibility; as well as to teach you proper alignment. This class creates a firm foundation to build an intelligent, fun challenging Ashtanga practice.

The Happiest Power Hour +
This is great class to shed the week's stress and clear your mind for the weekend. Through a challenging but accessible breath centered practice, students gain the benefits of upper body conditioning, hip openers and multi-level inversions along with core strengthening. This fun 75 minute format appeals to students with prior experience who love to practice with great music. We end our dynamic practice with a deeply restorative Savasana.

Acro FUNdamentals
This acro class is accessible and geared towards first timers and aspiring acrobats. Acro is a practice of postures and flows in which practitioners lift one another in the air. It's fun, social, and a terrific workout. In addition to the introspective awareness exercised in other Yoga practices, in AcroYoga attention also turns outward and neuromuscular coordination is developed as we work with others. No need to bring a partner; positioning and sequences are explained in manageable segments then practiced in small rotating groups, typically with a base (grounded), flyer (lifted), and spotter. Participants can base, fly or do both as they wish.

Intermediate Acro
This class builds on Acro FUNdamentals. Several postures and transitions are broken down and then threaded together. Prerequisites for the Monday night intermediate class include jumping into star, cartwheeling into straddle bat, and completing a barrel roll. To learn more join the New Haven Acro Community FB group; message us there with questions or email skrushnic(at)gmail.com. 


Private lessons provide a setting in which your individual needs can be completely addressed. 

Yoga postures and breathing exercises are selectively chosen and developed to meet your specific needs. Learning and practicing postures and breathing exercises at your own pace and within your own range is one of the most effective ways to realize the benefits of yoga.


Breathing Room, a new yoga studio in downtown New Haven, is a breath of fresh air for all looking to expand their yoga experience. An intimate studio, Breathing Room is a personal and inviting space to practice. With a variety of classes for students of all levels we invite you to come join our community and find your Breathing Room. Our Studio puts emphasis on your practice as an extention of your life, we work to create a space for you to learn and grow with yourself and a community of like minded individuals.