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There is so much love here in this community we are so excited to be growing together and creating a space to bring yoga, wellness, joy and love to the greater New Haven area!
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"Teachers open the door but you must walk through it yourself."
- Chinese Proverbs 
Our Team
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Tobie was introduced to yoga in her early twenties but didn’t start a dedicated practice until her 29th birthday when her mother brought her to Kripalu Center in the Berkshires. Since then she has completed her 200hr certification in an Iyengar influenced style of yoga. She has learned from teachers such as Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Rolf Gates, Baron Baptiste and Stephen Cope. Tobie teaches a vinyasa style of yoga with an attention to form and alignment. She believes that form and alignment are the keys to freedom in the body and freedom in the breath. Being a massage therapist for the last 10 years and receiving her masters in clinical nutrition two years ago, Tobie has a well rounded understanding of the body. Her classes are challenging and fun while giving the students an awareness that they are ultimately their own teacher and can guide their practice to fit their needs.  

Lillian's yoga classes are nurturing and energizing opportunities to breathe deeply and cultivate compassion. Her multi level vinyasa flow classes emphasize safe alignment and core strength. She believes we can bring the awareness and acceptance we develop in our yoga practices to our relationships and lives off the yoga mat.

Lillian enjoys gardening, cooking, singing, hiking, and swimming. She received her yoga certification through the White Lotus Foundation in California (RYT, 200 Hours). She is currently studying become a nurse and midwife. 

Margot's passion for the creative goes far beyond her unique eye for design and innovative class sequencing. Margot has the ability to turn a room into a sanctuary, and a business into a community of people working together for a greater good. Margot began her life long love affair with yoga when she was just 13 years old and has made it a conscious effort to always have yoga in her life, by creating yoga programs at her high school and continuing her practice in college. Margot has achieved many yoga certifications, the most recent is her 500 hour certificate from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC. Margot's style of teaching is influenced by over 15 years of devotion to her personal yoga practice. In class with Margot you will always find something new, wither it is new poses, beautifully choreographed sequences or amazing play lists. "I teach directly from my own mat. Whatever I am working on or undergoing in my own life/ practice will flow through me and then into my classes. I truly believe that Yoga is an extension or even a giant metaphor for how we live our lives and that every challenge we encounter wither on or off the mat is meant to help us learn a deeper lesson of how we live, communicate and treat ourselves" Says Margot. 
Margot has successfully owned and operated Breathing Room since 2009 and has committed to continuing her mission of providing good quality yoga at a fair price. Margot’s goal in opening Breathing Room was to create a space in which people can come and practice in their own way, hence the Breathing Room slogan, designed by Margot, “yoga for you". By continuing on her path Margot is doing just that. Since 2009 Breathing Room has been voted "Best Yoga Center in New Haven" in both the New Haven Advocate and New Have Register.
If you are interested in reading an inspirational story of a warrior charging head strong into the battle of beating stage 4 colon cancer please check out this blog. Here TJ offers valuable information on detection, treatment, acceptance and the conquering of cancer. TJ has asked his "Army" or group of friends and family to spread his story in hopes of encouraging others to honor and listen to their bodies so they can live heathly vibrant lives.
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Breathing Room is blessed to have a group of committed yogis who help keep the studio up and running. These are the welcoming faces that greet you upon your arrival. They are eager to help and assist you in any way!
Love to the Karmies!

Our Growing 
Wellness Team
Breathing Room is excited to announce the growth our our wellness center, which will soon expand to include Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral work. Here is a small introduction to our wellness practitioners.
Araina Bain, MESc

Ariana's work connects people to themselves, each other, and the world. She facilitates personal empowerment and mastery through meditation and private healing sessions at the Breathing Room and is the co-founder of Metabolic Lab, a sustainability consulting company based in New Haven and the Netherlands. Her perspective emphasizes knowing yourself and your purpose as cornerstones of a meaningful, abundant, and joyful life.

She is a certified Max Meditation teacher, Life Activation practitioner, and Jikiden Reiki practitioner. She holds a MESc in Industrial Ecology from Yale University and a BA from Wesleyan University.
Ariana offers private sessions by appointment and can be reached at or 203 936- 9108. 

Jikiden Reiki: $90 for a 60 minute session, $240 for a three session package (student rates available)
Life Activation: $150 for a 90-120 minute session
Verred enjoyed yoga as a practitioner throughout college, but it wasn't until graduating that she realized yoga was the education she was seeking. Her practice progressed when she moved back to Connecticut and studied side by side with her mother, solidifying her love for the art of yoga. Influenced by several traditions, Verred's classes are unique; blending long holds with creative flows, working on linking the breath with our movements, while remaining mindful throughout our practice and tapping into the subtle energies within us and around us. Her classes emphasize the importance of creating space within the body so that we can create space in our minds and between our thoughts. She believes that a large part of yoga is sending compassion and gratitude to ourselves and to be kinder in the way we speak to ourselves; on and off of our mats. This way we can act from a place of love, compassion and trust. Verred is currently studying with Elena Brower as a part of the Art of Attention Teacher Training and looks forward to sharing with you as her practice continues to unfold and shift as she advances on her path of self study, discipline and self healing.

In a past life Stacey studied fashion merchandising in collage and after some time in the industry decided it wasn't what she wanted to do...She felt she needed to do something more fulfilling. After some time she decided she would study what she loved, Holistic Nutrition. So, Stacey found her way to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and graduated as a Holistic Health Counselor! She thought this is IT! But still, she wanted more...more in the field of natural self-care. One day she was introduced to Vinyasa yoga and instantly fell in love with the practice ! Stacey feels it's all about balance, the balance of physical energy it takes to practice Vinyasa along with the loving-kindness it takes to listen to the body, as it is in that very moment. That was her Ah-Hah moment, that first Vinyasa class . So in June of 2012 Stacey recieved her 200 hr. RYT certification in Vinyasa Yoga after studying with Rolf Gates, and hasn't stopped since! She teaches often as well as counsels clients on a holistic approach to eating and well-being. She looks forward to many more years of training, counseling and teaching as she continues to grow as a teacher and a person.

Brett has been devoted to the study and application of how human beings work and thrive since 1995.
This in depth study has been supported like a good chair with the four pillars of Yoga, Meditation, Chinese Medicine, and Life Coaching. He has been teaching Yoga since 2001. He has studied in the United States as well as in Mysore India under numerous esteemed teachers; Tias Little, Sarah Powers, and Adyashanti being foundational.Brett shares and teaches that which is true and alive in him. His teaching springs from a strong grounding in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition modified to suit differing levels and tempered by careful attention to finding both anatomical as well as ‘true’ alignment in the poses. His approach encourages the release of holding, being and thinking patterns that make a home for fear and discomfort in the body.Brett certifies himself daily to step into unconditional peace, joy, and contentment (and sometimes stumbles in this :o).

After years of competitive sports, Avery came to yoga in search of something equally challenging but kinder to her body and found that it guided her toward a happier and healthier lifestyle overall. In addition to the obvious physical benefits of yoga, many of the philosophical ideals resonated strongly with her, particularly an emphasis on compassion for all beings (including the self and animals!), and the focus on creating balance and calm. 
Avery has been fortunate to live overseas for most of the last eight years and completed her 200 hour certification with the Tribe Yoga School while living on an organic farm in Spain. She also completed her Power Yoga for Sports certification with Gwen Lawrence, studied hands on adjustments with Alanna Kaivalya, and currently studies intensive anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff. She has taught students and professional athletes in Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia, and the U.S. In the long-term, Avery hopes to have enough space to take in more dogs (and lots of other animals!) and to use her Master’s in Forensic Psychology in tandem with her love of yoga to provide therapeutic treatment for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, and depression.
Avery’s classes are rooted in the core philosophy that any asana practice must be based in careful sequencing and sound alignment. Acknowledging that each person experiences yoga in his/her own way, Avery believes that hard work and a playful attitude can and should occur simultaneously on the mat--so her classes are sprinkled with humor, inversions, arm balances, and attention to breath. Her hands on adjustments help students to safely deepen their practice and experiences of their own bodies, and you can always count on some core work to build strength and stability. Come to class prepared for challenging, but accessible sequences, fun music, and, let’s be honest, probably a story about her dog.


Sasha began her path as a yoga teacher in 2005 at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in India where she completed her first 200-hour training. It was here that she realized yoga to be a completely integrative way of life, far more than just the physical poses she had set out to learn. In 2006, she moved to Maui to continue her yogic quest and enrolled in her second 200-hour teacher training with Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane. Here she studied in the Krishnamacharya lineage and deepened her understanding of physical alignment and yoga therapy. Sasha went on to become an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist (UZIT) in 2011 in NYC under her teachers Rodney Yee, Richard Freeman, Colleen Saidman Yee and Roshi Joan Halifax. At Urban Zen, Sasha learned to layer healing modalities such as essential oil therapy, Reiki, contemplative care, and restorative yoga for use with patients, workers and families in hospital settings and also for her own self-care. Sasha is honored and humbled to be carrying on the ancient tradition of hatha yoga and excited for the continuous discovery of alignment within the body and within everyday life. 

Khushi Malhotra, MPH, MSW, CYT-200
Khushi is initiated in the lineage of the Himalayan Sages and has lived and studied with master teachers Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Sandy Anderson, Rolf Sovik, and Shari Friedrichsen of the Himalayan Institute, where she received her 200 hour training and is currently undergoing her 500 hour training. She has also studied with senior teachers in the Sivananda and Iyengar traditions. Through her training in ​Meditation, ​Tantra, Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, and Clinical Trauma Therapy, Khushi seeks to spread and preserve the authentic and ​classical​ teachings of yoga. ​She runs a ​nonprofit​ in Philly​, Finding Freedom Within,​ which​ helps disadvantaged populations learn yoga and meditation for self-awareness and healing. Thus far she has taught yoga to those in drug and alcohol recovery, prisons, psychiatric facilities, trauma centers and inner city schools. Merging with ​N​ature is ​the essence of her practice, and she spends the other half of her time helping run a progressive and mindful school in the majesty of the rural Himalayas (, and brings people there to experience and preserve the Himalayan culture thru yoga, meditation and service retreats (